Augustine vs. The Rhetoricians

The following data is the basis for an article entitled: “Paul is the New Cicero: Repurposing Roman Rhetoric in Augustine’s De Doctrina Christiana,” under review with the Journal Mouseion. These files are archived here for the benefit of readers who wish to inspect the results of Tesserae comparisons in greater detail than is possible in the article. The first file contains the results of a comparison of Augustine’s De Doctrina Christiana to Cicero’s Orator.

The following links lead to comma-separated-value (CSV) files which can be opened in any spreadsheet editor.

Below are links to tab-separated-value files, whose contents represent raw data collected in a batch Tesserae search:

  • runs: each line represents a single comparison and its details.
  • scores: coded by the numbers found in the ‘runs’ file, each row represents the number of results returned at a given score level.

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