Response of Chiara Battistella

Taking part in this workshop has been an extraordinary opportunity both to get to know people directly involved in Digital Humanities projects (Tesserae, Musisque Deoque, LOFTS, E-Traces) and better understand the state of the art and what lies ‘behind the scenes’ in terms of technical aspects. I especially appreciated the felicitous combination of more general and theoretical discussion on the issue of intertextuality from a digital standpoint with the illustration of more specific case studies, which have shown how and to what extent Classicists may benefit from DH. Classical scholars will not have to turn all of a sudden into computer scientists, since interpretation will continue to remain key to the field – and this is great news! However, I fully agree that embracing traditional methods and digital tools is what our discipline will ideally need in the near future and what will make it appealing to future generations.

As far as the Tesserae project is concerned, I very much look forward to the improvements of the Latin-Greek search tool!

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