Digital Classics Association Panel at 2014 APA / AIA


Participants in the 2014 DCA APA / AIA Panel “Getting Started with Digital Classics.” From left to right: Monica Berti, Neil Bernstein, Adam Rabinowitz, Neil Coffee, Diane Cline, Hugh Cayless (partially obscured), Gregory Crane, and Francesco Mambrini. Also presenting were Ryan Baumann and Joshua Sosin.

The first APA / AIA session hosted by the Digital Classics Association was held at the meetings in Chicago on January 3, 2014. The topic was “Getting Started with Digital Classics.” The presentations highlighted some very interesting projects and offered perspectives on the future of digital classics research. Tesserae collaborator Neil Bernstein gave a terrific talk on his work with Kyle Gervais and Wei Lin using Tesserae to compare rates of overall intertextuality across the Latin corpus. There was a lot of good energy at the session, which continued into an informal DCA reception the following day.

(Screencasts are available on the Tesserae Youtube channel.)

The panel came away with accolades in the snap email poll on the day’s panels conducted by APA. Neil Coffee tied for best presider of the day, and the session papers swept the best afternoon session category. The DC3 team of Ryan Baumann, Hugh Cayless, and Joshua Sosin tied Gregory Crane for best paper, with honorable mentions going to the presentations of Neil Bernstein, Neil Coffee, and Diane Cline.

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