Late Antique Texts Available

Allusion was a powerful tool in the hands of Late Antique authors. Tesserae now offers a wider selection of popular Late Antique texts. Authors such as Augustine, Ambrose, Cyprian, Tertullian, Orosius, Libanius, and many others are available for Latin/Greek or multi-text searches. For a full list of available texts, click here for Latin and here for Greek.

These new Late Antique texts are drawn from the Open Greek and Latin Project, DigilibLT, and the Latin Library. Our editorial decisions reflect those of the hosting site (see Spurious works are listed as [Author] Pseudo. We are still in the process of incorporating more texts, but if you would like to advance the progress of a particular author or work, please email Caitlin Diddams (

We hope you enjoy searching these texts!


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