Collected Benchmark Sets (Updated)

An updated collection of all our benchmark data (click to download):

Latin to Latin:

Lucan’s Bellum civile book I vs. Vergil’s Aeneid

Lucan.BC1-Verg.Aeneid.benchmark1 Complete. Hand ranked (derived from ‘Lucan.BC1-Verg.Aeneid.tess.results3’ below)

Lucan.BC1-Verg.Aeneid.benchmark2 Complete. Hand ranked.

Lucan.BC1-Verg.Aeneid.tess.results1 Complete Tesserae results. Scored. Raw.

Lucan.BC1-Verg.Aeneid.tess.results2 Complete Tesserae results. Scored.

Lucan.BC1-Verg.Aeneid.tess.results3 Complete Tesserae results. Scored.

Lucan.BC1-Verg.Aeneid.benchmark.2010 Complete Tesserae results. Scored. Formatted and organized with match-words in red.

Lucan.BC1-Verg.Aeneid.benchmark.2012 Complete Tesserae results. Scored. Includes statistical calculations. Lucan’s Bellum civile II-IX vs. Vergil’s Aeneid. Raw.

Statius’ Achilleid vs. various (Latin)

Stat.Achilleid1.benchmark Complete. Unranked. Compiled during the Geneva Seminar.

Greek to Greek:

Apollonius’ Argonautica vs. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey

Ap.Argonautica-Homer.benchmark Richard Hunter’s commentary. Partially complete. Hand ranked.

Apollonius’ Argonautica book III vs. Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey.

Ap.Argonautica3-Homer.benchmark  Complete. Unranked.

Greek to Latin:

Vergils’ Aeneid vs. Homer’s Iliad

Verg.Aeneid1-Iliad.benchmark Complete. Hand ranked. Based on Knauer (1964). 

Verg.Aeneid1-Iliad.benchmark.raw.1 Raw.

Verg.Aeneid1-Iliad.benchmark.raw.2 Raw.

Vergil’s Aeneid vs. Homer’s Odyssey

Verg.Aeneid1-Odyssey.benchmark Complete. Unranked. Based on Knauer (1964).

Vergil’s Aeneid vs. Apollonius’s Argonautica

Verg.Aeneid-Ap.Argonautica.benchmark.Neils2001 Raw. Unranked.

Vergil’s Georgics vs. various (Greek and Latin)

Verg.Georgics4.benchmark Partially complete. Partially ranked.


Hunter, Richard (1989), Apollonius of Rhodes: Argonautica Book III. Cambridge University Press.

Knauer, Georg Nikolaus (1964), Die Aeneis und Homer. Studien zur poetischen Technik Vergils mit Listen der Homerzitate in der Aeneis, (: Hypomnemata, 7). Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Neils, Damien (2001), Vergil’s Aeneid and the Argonautica of Apollonius RhodiusARCA, classical and medieval texts, papers, and monographs, 39. Cambridge: Francis Cairns.

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